About Us

Our History and Mission

Garden Communities was established in 1954 and has been offering a wide variety of rental apartments throughout the northeast ever since. We pride ourselves on our ability to continually expand, providing new communities in needed locales while constantly improving our existing properties. By listening to our residents and addressing their concerns we have been able to stay on the forefront of customer satisfaction.

With communities throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut you will always find what you are looking for at Garden Communities. We make every effort to place our communities in ideal locations allowing the residents access to extensive shopping, entertainment, the best schools in the area and recreational activities for all ages. Transportation to and from our rentals is a top priority. With locations close to all major highways and easy public transportation to New York City we are a commuters dream.

In Frederick County, Maryland, and Harford County, Maryland, we offer spacious, luxurious apartments and townhouses built with you in mind. Think contemporary design and five-star amenities—all within an easy reach of downtown festivities.

It’s the perfect blend of home, work, shop and play.

Everything we envision is from the ground up at Garden Communities, ensuring every aspect of your home in Frederick, MD, and Aberdeen, MD, meets your vision for upscale comfort and neighborhood charm.

Make the most of every moment and square inch—and live in a home that only gets better with time.