Living in Frederick, Maryland: The Best Our City Has to Offer

Living in Frederick, Maryland: The Best Our City Has to Offer

5/28/2019 1:43:34 PM

Frederick, MD: A Hub For US History & A Modern Local Marvel

Welcome to the town of Frederick, Maryland, where history lives and breathes on every street and the people enjoy a rich culture of food, architecture, and American brotherhood!

No Textbook Required: A History Lesson You Experience

Can you see the resting place of Francis Scott Key, lawyer and poet whose verse became America’s national anthem while you’re here? You bet you can! As you walk through this town you’ll peruse through the same streets as Patsy Cline, and if you close your eyes, Civil War Battlefields resound with the ghosts of rebel yells and canon fire. This is a place where American history was made and witnessed, and the tradition continues today.

An Eclectic City of Culture & Art

Make your dinner reservations well in advance and loosen your belts because the finest cuisine to be had in Frederick is served at Celebrity Chefs’ James Beard & Bryan Voltaggio’s Volt. If you can’t get a table in this acclaimed dinging establishment, don’t fret. Frederick is a place where gourmet food from around the world can be found. May we suggest Mayta's Peruvian Cuisine, a restaurant that is well-known for its selection of traditional Peruvian dishes, or perhaps Manalu Italian Restaurant? There’s something here for everyone’s taste!

Even the toughest art critics can find inspiring works throughout the town that they can appreciate. Anyone looking for a fill of American art history can find it here. With historic architecture, galleries, and public displays, this is a city that appreciates art, but is art in of itself.

Take Frederick’s Community Bridge, for example. A lovely display of engineering and aesthetic, yes? Nope. As impossible as it may seem, this is actually just a mural!

Frederick Community Bridge Mural


TripAdvisor: "Community Bridge, an artwork with 3000 square feet of fool-the-eye painted stonework." 

Traveler photo submitted by IShootWithACanon (Oct 2015) 

Local Careers In The Pillars Of Modern Civilization: Military, Law, Medicine & Education

Frederick Fountain

Source: Wikimedia Commons

For those looking to pursue their career goals, Frederick is a city filled with some of the brightest minds in fields such as military, law, medicine, and education. With its proximity to Washington, D.C., Frederick is an excellent choice for members of these fields who want to extend their services to a range of individuals without the rat race of a bigger city.

Aspiring teachers can mold the minds of students in some of the best school systems in the state. This is because the Frederick County Board of Education is almost always an active employer. Similarly, the Frederick Memorial Healthcare System is consistently on the lookout to hire those who have worked hard to gain their degrees in medicine.

Frederick Insider Tip: The largest employer in this city is Fort Detrick, a United States Army Medical Command installation that primarily focuses on supporting local military and government operations. The fort also has divisions that focus on cancer research and other scientific developments.

Plenty of Great Schools

Hood College

Source: Yelp

Many people also move to Frederick to take advantage of the schools and educational facilities located here. Several of the local high schools, including Urbana High School and Governor Thomas Johnson High School, are considered some of the best schools in the state.

People who are looking to get a higher education may be interested in the local colleges and universities. One of them is Hood College, a well-regarded liberal arts college with several academic programs to undertake. The Frederick Community College offers its own selection of programs, and also provides financial aid for students that need help covering the costs for classes.

Good Old Fashioned Local Fun At Frederick

Carroll Creek Bridge

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Frederick is an excellent place for families to spend time together! On a sunny day, take a stroll or throw a ball at Carroll Creek Linear Park. Be sure to check out Summers Farm. Don’t let the name fool you: the best time to visit this location is in the autumn. During the fall season, it is chock full of fun with a corn maze, campfires, and other fun activities, including a fall festival.

For more refined entertainment, the Weinberg Center for the Arts (AKA the Frederick Cultural Center) is a great place to watch beautiful dance performances, or simply stroll through Frederick’s historic downtown district and observe the local art galleries and specialty shops.

Frederick truly has something for everyone—even the adrenaline junkies. Just a short drive from the town is Adventure Park USA, a theme park with a wide selection of fun rides and attractions.